I loved how wide and open the stairwell leading to the basement was since our first visit to see what-would-be-our new house. There’s a huge window at the top of the stairwell so it’s well-lit and its super open to the basement. 
For Christmas, I received some gray and white oyster plates that I was desperate to find the perfect place for. And once I saw this Pin below, it hit me: oyster plates + turtle shells = so fun.
The federal style mirror with the turtle shells and prints looks amazing with the horizontal boards and stone floors.
I didn’t have enough room to create a whole vignette such as this, but could pull from it for sure. 

The stairs leading to the basement.
This was mid-stain. The handrails are now painted the same as the walls, and the floors are darker as well.

And here’s my little shell and plate arrangement! The large shell came from an antique store in Destin, and the oyster plates were found at Scott’s. The other shells have been collected on my dad’s river land….I love having a little piece of home on my walls too.

Have you done any interesting pairings on your walls lately?