A chillin' spot

We knew that when we moved, most of the furniture from our living room would now go into our basement as that’s most likely where we’d do most of our TV watching. The previous homeowners had a hodge-podge of furniture and just stuff. 
We loved the fireplace and brick wall, and I just knew that it could be a great chillin’ spot. 
**you can see my hubs and my dad in fleece pullovers out on the porch when we came to look at the house a second time – it was cold then!**
Once we could finally get things under way, this room had to be painted. The larger wall on the right was the only one the previous homeowners had bothered to paint – an accent wall you might say. It was a bad shade of light sage/minty green that.had.to.go.
In comes the Coastal Fog.
And while they were painting the walls, we gave a facelift to the built-in bar too. This color is Wrought Iron.
It’s nice to have a place to store a few more bar glasses and to have a small sink too.
You’ve probably never seen this chair before. 
That’s because it was in our basement at the other house, and a favorite spot for our dog Baxter to curl up.
It’s David’s favorite chair, and I wanted to make it work for the new house. It needed tightening and new fabric, so on to the upholsterer it went! 
And now, it’s working great and re-covered in a sable brushed velvet. 
And our sectional works great down here too. It’s still our favorite place to hang out, and Baxter and Sandy’s too.
Adjacent to the windows that lead to the deck and on to the lake, there is a cute niche.
This small space is now a little eating nook, and the perfect place for David’s Braves prints.