A powder room

There’s a powder room right off the main living room, inside the front door entrance to our new house. I love that there’s a powder room that’s so accessible to guests…it’s a nice size, and has a pretty big linen closet – the perfect place to keep random cleaning supplies, extra guest towels, toilet paper, extra candles, etc. 
The peachy pink textured wallpaper had to be circa 1982 Miami….pretty grody, and the amber metallic mini-blinds had.to.go. 
My initial thoughts were to paint this tiny little jewel a fun color…more specifically Kate Spade green. 🙂
I love this color, but in the end, I was diggin’ my simpler color palette of creamy white carried over from the living room. 
BEFORE: You can see my paint samples, the 1980’s color floor, even the original wallpaper peeking out on the right. They even took the time to put paper on the switch cover. Bless their hearts.

While the living room, kitchen, and dining room floors were being re-finished, this space was done as well.  The floors look amazing now, and I love the new wood vent cover too. It took our crew over a week to take down all those layers of paper, to scrape the nasty glue off, patch the walls, and sand them back to smooth. They deserved a medal for how hard they worked to get it back looking so great!

AFTER: A new mirror on those gorgeous Mascarpone walls! 

This room also got a black door – yay! The color is Wrought Iron by BM, and all of the trim and walls is Mascarpone by BM too. 

I will be posting more pics of other rooms too this week, but today I’m in Cashiers helping James Farmer with the install for the Cashiers Showhouse! Check out what he’s been doing lately here!