More of the master bedroom

Aren’t you all happy it’s Friday?!?! I sure am!!!
We’ve got most of the weekend free to work on our house, but we’re having a little company over on Sunday for some lake time too.
But, before the weekend gets into full swing, here’s a more complete peek into the transition of our master bedroom. 
the previous homeowners’ set-up
an empty room
 cady-wompus (sp?) shades
I hadn’t quite decided where the furniture was going to land, and this chair has already been moved. I needed to put our frames out on the nightstands, and hang my mirror over the bed.
AFTER: everything in it’s place.
I really loved our master bedroom in the other house, and for this new space, I basically used all of the same things…but it all looks different on these gorgeous Classic Brown (BM) walls!
The room has MAJA light – we have to keep the shades down to be able to sleep past sunrise – so “going darker” was an easy choice. Even though the walls are super dark, the room is still bright.
The screen was once behind my headboard, but I love it on the wall leading to the bathroom now. The sunburst mirror was a wedding gift, and think it looks chic over the custom headboard.
My bedding is a mix of custom pieces, Crate and Barrel, and Pine Cone Hill.
These octagonal pieces and the plate were all found at antique shops 
In our other house, this chest of drawers was in a guest room, but I am so happy to have it  in our room now. A piece from my parents, it came with me to college, and I have used it since.
I think it’s so fun to have a fireplace in here! 
My mother-in-law has started me the prettiest collection of antique mirrors and brushes, and I love having a place to have them out.
My parents gave us these super cool acrylic lamps for a house warming prezzie, and I found the framed nude sketch at Resto
ration Hardware.
I have a small silver box collection on my jewelry cabinet. The cabinet is actually an antique bar cabinet, that now houses my fun jewelry – lots of necklaces, earrings, bangles and the like.
My Baboo gave my girlfriends and me the cut glass and silver bathroom sets for highschool graduation, my David gave me the silver box while we were courting, and my parents brought us the small ones from overseas.
I love the contrast of the dark walls in the bedroom with the stark white trim. A peek into the bathroom shows the gray walls with black doors. Love.
My friend Hollie didn’t need this little chair, so I bought it from her and had it recovered in white!
I think its absolutely adorable! Confession – my mom found this bolt of fabric in an attic and held on to it…I washed it and my upholsterer approved it – must be some good stuff to hold up so well!
The bamboo stand was a Christmas gift, and the mirrored chest I’ve had since college – it came from the Home Depot Expo. 
Hope you’re enjoying the tour of the new house! There’s still more to show…I’m just a busy gal right now! But that’s fun too….stay tuned for a peek at the Cashier’s Showhouse and a few client projects I’ve completed!