details, details

This post is just to share a few fun detail shots! 
I love the layer that plants give when scattered around a house. 
I found this little succulent at Ikea for about $8. 
I was gifted these gorgeous lime green leafy plants too….and of course love the zinnias tucked into the bud vase. 
For our cards and invitations and announcements, I covered a spare bulletin board in yellow and white chevron. The fabric is so cute, and looks so crisp against the gray walls! 
Having fruit out makes me so happy! With our farmer’s market so close by, it makes having produce around so easy!
The powder room got a little softening with a blue linen fabric valance.
And some pink garden roses from my front yard are there to greet guests too.
A few pine cones from my dad’s river land bring an organic touch to the basement coffee table.
The basement powder room got a little plate action too! 
I totally swiped the black and white ones from my mom, and the silver ones are from an antique shop.
Pink and coral zinnias add a smile of color to the powder room!
The jars are from my grandparent’s farm…I discovered them in an old barn and helped myself. 🙂 The zinnias are from a friend’s garden. 
And I also have some by my bedside….love how cheerful they are!