be our guest!

I have loved taking care in making our guest rooms comfortable! 
They definitely needed paint jobs from the previous home owner’s, but they’re nice in size. 
And with all of our summer company, I really wanted these rooms to be ready!
You know I love showing you the waaaaay BEFORE’s.
Sage green accent walls =
Electric highlighter yellow  =
I mean, that’s not even restful!
I did have a little pre-planning when it came to these rooms.
My twin beds were getting new headboards which I drew onto a piece of plywood and my hunky hubs cut out for me.
These little chests that I got for $5 each were getting yet another paint job…
The old armoire from our other master bedroom (which we got for only $100) was getting paint too
And of course the walls were as well. Coastal Fog it is.
I found these few fun inspiration shots for my guest rooms on Pinterest. 
And these fabrics were going to be made into fabulousness for one guest room…
This paint color was going onto the furniture
And this trunk, found at Scott’s, totally pulled everything together.
The Zinc armoire is now much more chic!
And a guest room was made. 
I love the new paint color on the night stands and armoire.
I had a camel quilt which was sometimes on my master bed…I made it into a headboard with a piece of plywood and batting I already had! Cost – $0
The little antique chair belonged to my grandmother, and the camel chairs have been with me since college. 
The black lamps were from Target a few years ago, and the bird prints are from Heery’s Too.
I found the white euro shams at Ikea for like nothing and had them monogrammed. The bolster and bed-skirt are custom. 
This little guest room is basically the same as it was at our other house.
And this room is now home to my precious new headboards. Since I made them myself (my mom had a little leftover fabric and I covered the plywood that my husband cut), they cost nothing. The lamps are from Lowe’s (!!!) and the chest is a piece from our other house. 
The green coverlets are actually pashminas that I just couldn’t do without!
The mirror is a college piece of mine…I love that it looks old!
This little vignette is fun! 
The paintings each came from one of our grandmother’s houses. The wash stand belonged to my great-grandmother and got a little paint-lift. The lamp was found on sale, and the chair came from a second-hand shop. 
The guest bathrooms are still a little dated, but new paint, lights, and new accessories made them more current. 
Have you made a place for your guests lately?