a hallway makeover

While the laundry room was getting new paint and floors, our back hallway was receiving the same treatment. 
Below is the BEFORE image.
There were three odd steps in this hallway – one into my office, one into the laundry room, and one into the kitchen. You can see one at the end on the left that led into my office. There was even a handle on the door frame to help you in if you needed it. (???)
So, we decided the floors would be raised 6″ so that the doorways into the office, laundry room, and kitchen would all be on the same level. That just meant that this back door into the garage would need to come up too. No problemo. 
In addition to redoing the tile, the light fixture had to go. And the blinds came down too.
Instead of one light, I decided to do three lights down this back hallway, each centered on a window. You can see the wiring has been done in this shot. And our dog and cat got a doggie door into the garage too. 

Here, you can see the step up into the hall from the garage, but now, everything is level. 

Even with just the lanterns, the painted door, and brick floors, it looks so chic! 

I found these lanterns for $15 at a salvage shop. A local electrician wired them for me and added chain….maja bucks were saved with that simple decision.

The hallway needed some softening, and I love the look of roman shades. 
I found this photo as my inspiration.

The silver tray display in this inspiration shot just gets me. I love it.

And this one too….I would love to have a vintage tray collection like this one!

A few paintings got a home…

…and so did some of my silver/pewter trays.

I love the Edison bulbs that I grabbed from Lowe’s for these lanterns. They add such charm!

And a little touch of ikat makes all the difference in the world!

Hope you all have a great Monday!