Wedding Day Fun

Wedding season is so fun, and while I’m concentrating on more interiors projects lately, I love the occasional wedding sprinkled in. Especially one for such a sweet friend. I had a ball over the past 6 months planning and shaping this beautiful event with the bride and her mother. I was honored to design and decorate the front entrance of the First Baptist Church here in Gainesville, GA. In addition, I tied bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and a few nose gays for mothers and grandmothers. It was so fun, and I love the way it all turned out!
Here I am with a car full of flowers, driving 5 mph at the 11th hour so that nothing wilted in this Georgia heat. Thankfully, by the 6:30 wedding time, things were cooler and nary a wilted hydrangea to be found!
I used a mix of simple white and green flowers for the church exterior. Lots of hydrangea, cream roses, bells of Ireland, snap dragons, eucalyptus – and the stunner – gorgeous white phalaenopsis  orchids! They’re so gorgeous!!
At the ends of the railings, boughs of hydrangea, eucalyptus and orchid were tied to the green garland.


The spray above the door was composed of orchid, roses and stock. It was worth me being on top of a 12′ extension ladder!
I flanked the church doors with white distressed urns (from my own wedding) that were positively stuffed with so much gorgeousness ….white and green with a hint of purple (to tie in the lavender used in the bouts).


I love a picked-from-the-yard bout style. These were so sweet and fragrant with tulips, lavender and roses. Some of the tulips reaaaally opened during the afternoon heat and, well, they had to be plucked and left behind. 😉


I’ll keep you guys posted with the photog’s pics when they come out…I simply adored these bridesmaids bouquets and didn’t get a great pic. A mix of eucalyptus, hydrangea, roses and peonies was perfect for this June wedding!


An in-construction shot, in my basement work space.
I’m always so thankful for David’s help…he’s my perfect assistant! I could never do it without his help – loading the car, keeping an eye on Henry, breaking down flower boxes. And my gosh, he’s the most handsome date ever, to boot! I’m a lucky girl.
We had a ball celebrating at the reception later that night!