More of My Favorite Weeknight Meals

If you guys are like me, weeknight dinners need to be fun and fast. Especially if you’re a mom.
My toddler keeps me busy, but my husband and I are a great team, and can get a meal together pretty quickly. Our go-to meal involves a protein like fish or pork with a few sides of veggies and a green salad. I love to cook, so I like to throw in some new recipes every now and then.

Usually, I grocery shop once per week, planning out my meals on Sunday evening. If a recipe calls for fresh produce, I will make a quick run to the grocery later in the week too.

Here are some of our favorite recipes as of late. Most are fast, and the fresher the produce, the better.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Pinterest’s Blackberry Mozzarella Grilled Sandwiches
This was a HUGE hit! Super tasty!

Crab Omelettes
We eat a lot of eggs around here, and throwing in the crab made them feel extra special. A side of asparagus completed the plate!

Paleo No-noodle spaghetti
I loved this! The crock pot is so nice if you have time earlier in the day, but you know the evenings are tighter on time. And it makes your house smell so good!

GOOP’S Kale Guacamole
I will make this and we eat on it for a few days. If I come across a recipe that kale can be added, I try to make it – the super-food makes me feel like I can justify the Stacy’s Pita Chips that pair so nicely with this dip. 🙂 
My Quinoa and Ground Turkey Taco-ish Soup
**I substituted ground turkey for ground beef, and added the quinoa to make this soup a bit more filling. 
We don’t reserve this soup just for the cooler months, but rather cook it all year ’round. Its easy to freeze if you make a big batch, or to re-heat for tasty left overs.