StylingThe Art of Fluff

The Art of Fluff

Here at Maggie Griffin Design we offer a variety of services, ranging from new builds to renovations and everything in between, but one of our most popular (and favorite!) services is the MGD Fluff. If you’ve never heard of a “fluff” before, allow us to formally introduce you. 


Like the name implies, the MGD Fluff is focused on the smaller pieces in a room — the fluff! Think rugs, throw pillows, light fixtures, and accessories. Your core pieces remain the same (which is why we always recommend investing in your furniture), making it both a speedy and affordable process. It’s the perfect solution for a space that needs a little sprucing up, infusing new life without a complete design overhaul.
So how do you know if your space could use a fluff? It’s really simple. Go to that space and then ask yourself, “Does this design give me joy?” If not, you know your answer! 


With summer on the horizon, we’re re-energizing our clients’ spaces with the warmer months in mind. From family rooms for lounging and dining rooms for hosting to outdoor patios for all the BBQs, the season is all about gathering, so it has to be comfortable!


When it comes to inspiration for a summer fluff, our favorite trick is to bring the outdoors in. Easy breezy textiles like linen and cotton are the true stars of the warmer months, as they can be effortlessly applied to a variety of places — drapery, throw pillows, blankets, coverlets, and more — in virtually every room. Not only does the textile evoke a coastal, beachy feel that makes it feel as if it was made for the season, but, thanks to its breathability, you won’t overheat!


Art is one of the easier swaps in a fluff, and we’re putting away the existing pieces for brighter, colorful abstracts or photography. We love encouraging our clients to pull out those family photos or heirlooms that they’ve had hidden in a storage closet for years. There’s just something about a great gallery wall, basket wall, or wall of decorative plates. And, believe it or not, they only look intimidating. (If you’ve ever wanted to hang your own, head over to our Instagram page for Maggie’s tutorial!) The only problem is you may enjoy your new gallery wall so much that you won’t want to take it down — and we encourage that!


A revamp of your formal dining room for the summer can be as easy as a new table setting — linen works beautifully here, too — though you may want to assess your dining chairs. Could they use new upholstery? That’s an easy fix, too. Now the outdoor patio is a no-brainer — and seating here is key. We can’t think of anything more summery than gathering around the fire pit in oversized Adirondacks at dusk to roast s’mores with the kids. While you’re outside, take a look at your front patio. Is it giving the warm welcome you think it is? Create instant curb appeal with very little effort with a matching pair of potted plants or hanging baskets. We’re big fans of outdoor rugs on covered patios. They add a softness underfoot and instantly ground the space. 


But that’s not all! There is so much that can be done in an MGD Fluff, which is why we like to think of it as an art. It’s all about redecorating your space in a way that works for you. Just like the rest of our services, it’s completely tailored to you and your needs.
Could a room in your home use a refresh? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning more or scheduling an initial consultation, please feel free to reach out over email or fill out the contact form on our website.

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