RenovationsHow We Do Renovations Differently

How We Do Renovations Differently

We love renovations! Why, you ask? Simply put, we get to be involved in the design process from the very beginning. Not only does this ensure the end result has the Maggie Griffin Design stamp of approval, but being able to oversee the entire process means we can guarantee that our clients are happy, down to every last detail — even the plumbing fixtures! But there’s another secret to our success, and we want to let you in on it today. From the initial consultation, we treat our clients like family, allowing us to truly understand their wants and needs. And we don’t just do large sale renovations! We’re also happy to work with clients on smaller scale projects. From a single room (kitchens are one of our most popular renovations) to the living spaces, no matter the size, each renovation includes selecting finishes, interior selection, the proposal presentation, and installation — that’s the MGD way and how we do renovations differently. Get a deeper look at our process below!

Step 1: Consultation
We have an initial meeting with our client either at our studio, in the client’s home, or virtually. In this consultation, we’ll discuss the location, timeframe, and scope of the project. This stage is the most important part of every process, as we like to create a strong relationship with our clients from the get-go. Before venturing into any type of project, we want to earn our client’s trust and ensure that we’re a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Finishes Day Selected
After the project scope is finalized, we’ll schedule a “Finishes Day” to discuss plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile selection, and appliances. This is one of the first things we like to discuss since all these elements need to be installed prior to any interior selections. Clients are encouraged to bring any inspiration photos or ideas they have on how they want the space to look. Based on previous conversations and their inspiration photos, we’ll present some suggestions on what we think would look best before ultimately deciding on the finishes.

Step 3: Interior Selection
Next, arguably our favorite part, is selecting the interiors. We’ll meet with the client virtually or at our studio to present paint colors, wall coverings, fabrics, furnishings, and more. As you saw recently in both Grace and Havolynne’s “A Day In The Life” posts, we often start with the fabrics and other textiles. They help set the tone for the entire space (and we think is what sets us apart). From there, we’ll fill in the other furnishings and accessories.

Step 4: Scope of Work & Proposal Presentation
Now that everything for the project has been discussed in depth with our client, we’ll create a proposal which outlines the scope of work. There’s a lot of nitty gritty details that go into a design, so this is where we like to share everything we do, and why! Our scope covers paint schedules, lighting schedules, hardware schedules, and pricing and quotes, as well as room-by-room mood boards.

Step 5: Prioritization & Order Approvals
Upon approval, we’ll start to place orders, prioritize the project elements that need to go in first, and establish install dates. Normally, this is a fairly seamless process, but with so many shipping delays as of late it’s been taking a lot more time and effort.

Step 6: Installation
Last but not least, it’s install day! The install date is pre-approved by our client before we schedule it with our vendors and mark it on the calendar — it is their home after all and we want to make sure it works for them more than anyone else! When the day is finally here, we’re at their home bright and early and ready to work. While we have a slew of people doing all the heavy lifting, the MGD team is there the entire time overseeing that the vision comes to life. After the last accessory is placed, we like to do a big reveal with the client. Nothing beats their smiling faces when they see their completed space for the first time!
Have you been dreaming of renovating your own home? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning more or scheduling an initial consultation, please feel free to reach out over email or fill out the contact form on our website.

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