Sprinkles Sprinkles Sprinkles

I love my friends.
No, seriously. Like LOVE them. 
I’m so incredibly blessed to call them mine, and have experienced so so so many of life’s biggest triumphs and tragedies and beautiful moments and wonderful surprises with them.
We’ve all been friends since freshman year at UGA (13 years ago!!!!) so they’re no stranger to my blog or my Instagram account. 
Honestly, if you know me, then chances are, you know all of them too. 
There are 8 mommies in our big group, 4 of which are preggie right now. Three of them are on baby numero dos, so we decided to have a lil sprinkle for them, and a full on shower for the new mommy-to-be. 
Here, I am sharing a few {grainy} iPhone pics of the precious, colorful sprinkle we did for them a few weeks ago at La Madeline (Hello, tomato soup). Its so fun that our moms have all gotten to be good friends too, and having the whole group there was just a ball.
We set the tables in a private room with favors, fun straws, and lively flowers. 
I made some pretty cute flower arrangements for the occasion using pink carnations, lavender daisies, yellow roses, and gorgeous coral parrot tulips. 

Polka dots were everywhere, lining the tables and draped from the chandelier. Our friend Jill and her mama sewed them all together – too pumped to have all these fun colors in the party stash! 

My friend Linsey of Two Crazy Cookies made the adorable and delicious thumbprint cookies with colorful sprinkles on top. 

There are two girls and a boy on the way, and it was so fun to watch them open all the adorable baby goodies! 

Our friend Kim, the super-chef, made this delicious and adorable sprinkle cake for dessert. Tissue dots were across the table for color! 

And here’s our group – the best friends ever! 
Kim, Renee, Lauren, Me, Hollie, and Jill are in back. 
And our “sprinkled” mamas on front: Meredith, Glenn, and Meghan