Another Move on the Books :)

Weekend before last, we moved from our house on the water to another house here in Gainesville. 
It was a big decision to move away from the lake for us, but we are thrilled to be a part of such a fun, young neighborhood now, and in a house that has all of the old character I could ever want. Built in the 1940’s, and extensively updated and renovated, we are already having a ball making it our own. Henry is super happy with the neighborhood and our great yard, and that’s all we could hope for! 
Of course, we already miss our other house too – its easy for the tears to come when I think about all that happened in that house over the 3 years we were there, but we left it better than we found it, and made so many wonderful memories there with our family and friends. 
I am going to be sharing a TON of what I’ve got going on at the “new” house, promise. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I am still knee deep in boxes, and my little 22 month old isn’t so keen on mommy hanging plates instead of playing with trains. 
I’ll be posting a bunch more pics and client deets on my new Maggie Griffin Design Instagram account. Ya’ll head on over and click “follow” so you wont miss any of the fun stuff. 
Maggie Griffin Design’s page 
Here’s the front of our “new” house 
And of course, the ONLY room close to “finished” is Henry’s space :))