Spring Cleaning: My House

I’ve been on a cleaning kick! 
There isn’t a drawer, closet, cabinet or box that hasn’t been organized lately.
How long they’ll stay like this, we’ll see. 
But for now, I am tickled pink that my things are actually where I can find them.
First up, the party cabinet. 
Birthday party essentials, plastic cups, paper plates, place cards, napkins and straws are along the top shelf and easy to grab
Decorative plates, votive holders and candles, and serving pieces are simple to find on the lower shelf

I moved a few pictures, plates, and shells around to make the powder room a little less bare. 
I also found this old shelf in my grandparents’ storage shed, and it was the perfect little piece to store essentials as there isn’t a cabinet in this room.
I also grabbed a few old baskets from the shed – score!
The wicker basket was cleaned up and now stores paper rolls.

This round basket got a bath too, and holds clean white towels.

on to the next thing: the linen closet
I am a little embarrassed to show this BEFORE image. 
Who am I kidding, I can’t be along in this plight, right?

towels are all folded the same way and organized by style, size, and monogram.
now, the sheets are all folded and shams are together too

You guys rarely see my office, and that’s on purpose. It’s usually a disaster-zone. A maze of projects, drapery panels, pillows, furniture, and accessories in piles according to client, all awaiting install. Initially, I had attempted to make my shelves in this room “pretty” and “styled” – well, function has trumped form now.
It makes a lot more sense to have my floral containers and craft supplies within reach than to make it look pretty.

ahhh….it feels so much better now.