Our little man's nursery reveal

Thank you guys for being so patient with me! I know I’ve taken forever to post about our little man’s room, but I wanted to have everything in it before I showed it to you all! 
So, you guys remember my nusery plan:
And here’s the bedroom where our little one will now sleep:
Lest we not forget the waaaay before image either:
And here is a progress collage when the room was finally coming together:
And now, the AFTER!

David and I both LOVE the way it all came together! 
Since finding out in December that we’re having a baby boy, it was kinda non-stop with the projects from there on out. 
First on the list: 
– moving the existing bed and nightstands to my office (more on that later)
– installing crown moulding
– painting the ceiling blue
– painting the door dark charcoal
– installing wall sconce on either side of the armoire
– installing bamboo shades for extra privacy
While those things were happening over the last several months, I was:
-having the window treatments made
– choosing bedding
– picking out the glider
– ordering the bed
– finding the right piece as the changing table
– constructing the light fixture

And gathering things for the large wall above the blue chest

The baby bed is a pewter wrought iron four poster. There are more bars to connect the four posters in the event we have a little girl and she needs a canopy. 🙂 The posters also come off completely in case our little one is fond of swinging from them when he gets older. The bed has two other settings that drop the mattress lower as he grows taller and begins to stand up.
His bedding is a classic mix of cream, blue, and flax Belgian linen. I wanted to make sure that I had something that we could use again – whether the next one is a boy or girl, all I’d have to do is swap out the sheet! The gorgeous blue blanket was the first gift I received – it seemed to set the tone for this little one’s linens! 

We’ve been fortunate to have so many precious things handed down to us, like this baby rocker that I painted white, and David’s childhood teddy bear Honey Joe 

Another friend gave me this sweet diaper cake – and the Bla Bla lovees, rattles, and finger puppets are my faves!

I picked up things along the way for the accessories for the room. It was really important to me to have things that would grow with him – nothing too “baby.” I found the fish plates at an antique shop on East Andrews in Atlanta, and the vintage book pag
es with letters on Etsy. The mats were custom on Etsy too, and the frames are from a craft store.

I have had the white octagonal mirror since I was in college, and loved the modern touch of it surrounded by all the rougher textured accessories. The turtle shells were grabbed from an antique shop too, and the antlers were a gift. 

The blue platter probably won’t stay there with a increasingly-mobile baby’s arms and legs while changing him – but, I love the Rebecca Wood piece there for the time being. 

The glider is so super comfy! And we foresee lots of time here! ha! 
The rods I chose for the curtains are privacy rods, meaning they turn on the ends to block light – this room gets lots of sunlight and we want baby to be able to sleep! 
The bamboo shades are from the hardware store, and the fabric on the window treatments was grabbed in Atlanta. I added a double line of sweet jute trim around the edges of the drape – gives some texture to the very “boy” stripes.

The woodland animal mobile we received as a gift is absolutely precious!

Here, you can see the drapery trim a bit better, and a close up of the chic garden stool I found. The elephant mimics the animals in the crewel on the stools I had made.

Crown moulding makes the biggest difference! I love the way the crisp white looks with the blue ceiling and soft gray walls.

One maja DIY project I tackled was the light fixture. I found the tutorial online and ordered the parts – and I love the way it turned out! Especially the price! (more on how I made it later)

The pram was used by my mother in law for my hubs and his sister – I love it in the nursery! And the antiqued rocking horse was made by a friend – how precious!

I knew we’d need a place for books, frames, etc. so the armoire that has been in this room stayed put. I just had the shelves built to slip inside without damaging the interior of the antique piece. 
The vintage crewel fabric on the custom stools was my inspiration for the room.  

He’s got several frames waiting on a photo, lots of books to read, and lovees to drool on! I also have the silver pieces that belonged to my husband and me – and Baby G’s too waiting on a monogram!

I found the antique blue chest at Scott’s. 

The white turtle shell is a la Nate Berkus for Target, and the antlers were part of a trio given to me.

I found these animal head hooks and spray painted them white (don’t worry, I’ve got to paint the screws white too with a paint pen) for his hooded towels.

I love love love my diaper bag – a gift from my awesome parents! 

The Bla Bla mobile is just the sweetest thing! I love the little sheep and lambs.

Now on to the closet…he’s got no shortage of clothes! ha! Truly, I have had the sweetest, prettiest, most thoughtful baby showers where our friends and family have spoiled mommy and baby rotten. He’s got the caaa-uuuutest outfits for the summer already! We’ve even got his Christmas pajamas and his first rain coat too!

I found the best floppy baskets at Target for his socks….

… and his little hats too.

A fun friend from home even made sure he has a signed box of Honey Boo Boo’s Girl Scout cookies – signed by the whole family of course! Love it! 

He’s got the sweetest little rattles…

and drawers for his bibs, blankets, diaper cloths, and extra sheets. 

I do hope you’ve liked seeing the final product! This mommy and daddy have had a ball preparing for our little one! Only a little over 3 weeks to go!