A Commercial Project: Before and After Church bathroom

Recently, the ladies’ room at my hometown church had a maja makeover. I am sick that I don’t have “before” photos, but trust me – it needed updating in a big way. 
You may remember this mention here
And here are a few inspiration images for the space:

I knew we wanted to keep it super feminine and to make sure it was suitable for a bride and her maids to use. The ladies of the church use it on Sundays as well. Remember the post on the parlor from a few years ago? 
Now, the ladies’ room is on par with the dressing room. 🙂
The space is so girly and soft now…with beautiful sconce framing a sweet mirror….

And a mirror wall for checking one’s appearance….
**it makes the space seem twice as large too!

A lovely blue ceiling with two drum shade light fixtures…

New white stalls with crisp white counter tops and cabinets….

And ballet slipper pink walls…

with gorgeous black and white marble tiles….

We are so happy with the outcome!
Hope you like!