My Talented Friends!

Maybe I am partial, but I really do have THE most talented friends! How lucky am I to have them as friends, confidants, and family – all who inspire me, push me, and make me want to be better. It’s all about who you surround yourself with, right? Creative minds, beautiful hearts, their entrepreneurial spirit, young leaders….they’re all awesome. 
So, in homage to their incredible talents, I am sharing them with you today – designers, bakers, business owners, wedding planners, painters, artists, photographers, jewelry designers, authors, and more. 
First up is no stranger to Bellissimo and Bella….my dear friend/buddy/bff/big brother/designer in crime – James Farmer. James’ latest book Dinner on the Grounds just hit shelves and if I do say so myself, it’s AMAZING! Recipes, anecdotes, stories of his family and childhood, gorgeous photos…geez, now I am gushing.
There may be a bit of artwork by moi among the pages too. 🙂
Not to mention my brother and sister in law’s wedding and rehearsal dinner are a feature as well.
If you don’t already, you’ve GOT to get this book (and all of the others too!!!!)
His books are amazing, his store is precious, his interiors are divine, and his landscapes are awesome. 
Follow him on Instagram at jamestfarmer and jamesfarmerinc
Follow his blog All Things Farmer
And visit his website James Farmer Inc.
Next up: James’ beautiful sister Maggie. My childhood friend who I adore! She has photographed many of his books and is a super talented photog! And she just happens to have Napp – one of my Henry’s best buddies. Maggie is the epitome of sweetness and grace – and she always makes me laugh.
Visit her website Maggie Yelton Photography to get a load of her talents! It’s amazing how she captures the perfect moment.
That brings me to my darling sister-in-law Laura Lyn. I just love her.
She’s good at everything, and maja organized, and beautiful, and she has a gorgeous voice, and is smart, and sweet, and gosh….you get the picture. 🙂
She’s all these things and a fantastic wedding planner. You need it? She can do it!
Her wedding to my brother was perfection. She left no corner untouched, no base uncovered, and no amount of fun left behind. From the engagement to the wedding {and after too!} she was an incredible bride and planner.
Contact her to know more! And don’t forget to follow her blog
Speaking of photographers….have y’all seen my friend Ashlee Culverhouse’s pics? She takes make-me-cry pictures of my Henry as well as insanely beautiful weddings, parties, family photos and babies. She’s one of my favorite people and I love that I get to see her so often back home. Her farmhouse is absolutely adorable, she has a slew of precious animals, and she’s got her own wedding coming up which is sure to be amazing.
Follow her on Instagram at ashleeculverhouse
Here is my angel in a few sweet moments that she captured:
One of my very best friends, Renee, has been nurturing her second-job as a painter, and is set to open her own Etsy store! Her chic paintings are thoughtful, abstract, full of personality and love. I am lucky enough to have one in my home! And you should too! 
Renee loves to travel and has the best style – her wardrobe is to die! Her travels and her love of all things stylish totally translate into her art.
She takes custom orders and works with your color palette, size needs, and look.
Follow her on Instagram at reneebouchon 
Check her out here. 
My sweet friend Havolynne has begun making it a bit easier to shop for those statement jewelry pieces – her shop The Adorned Collection is chock full of fabulous finds! 
Fun necklaces, chic bracelets, and great earrings – she’s a taste maker and oh-so-stylish!
Follow her on Instagram at adornedcollection 
Speaking of awesome jewelry, my friend Natasha designs and constructs the most fabulous pieces! She’s got pretty necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in fresh colors and finishes to add to your everyday outfits! Natasha’s outgoing, laid back personality and her natural beauty translate into her work – you’ll love all of her pieces, promise!
Check out Take Out Jewelry
And follow her on Instagram at takeoutjewelryco
You’ve all heard me rave about my friend Linsey’s cookies! Along with her mom, she’s created Two Crazy Cookies – a must-do for your cakes and cookies. And well, any food you’d ever want, too! Everything they make is delicious! Linsey and I have known each other for almost 20 years and she’s just as sweet as her confections. 
Check out their Etsy shop here.
Another amazing baker on my list is my friend Amanda of Buttermilk Pie Co. 
I don’t think I really ever knew how much I loved pie until I had hers. 
An allergy keeps Amanda from trying her own specialty, my favorite, The Pecan Pie. Yes, that is capitalized because it should be. 🙂 
She’s a sweet, driven, talented business owner and I am happy for her success!
Every pie on her menu is divine….and guess what, they also come in minis and tassies – so you can taste them all! 
Her website recently launched, so even if you aren’t close by, you can have one too! 
Follow her on Instagram at buttermilkpie 
And last but definitely not least is my dear friend Sara Lloyd. I have been writing about her for a long time (her handmade hand bags are still my favorites!), but she’s just launched her new resort line with her sister Molly. I just adore them both and am happy to call them both “friend.”
They’re the sweetest, and I am tickled for their new venture! 
Check them out here
And here.
And here too!  
Oh and don’t miss Molly’s custom paper line as well!