Mantel Styling

Once we bought our mantel and had it’s makeover under way, I kept day dreaming of how I’d style it. 
There are endless possibilities when it comes to “what” to put on your mantel. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s a more layered tableau.
I Pinned a few mantels that really jumped out at me.
I have always loved this chocolate room. Especially the round mirror and white candlesticks on the mantel.
This cottage look is super fun too. The boxwood balls in the planters are a great punch of green that doesn’t have to be watered! 

The simplistic tone of this room works for me. And the mantel styling kept to a minimum echoes the feel.

At the same time, I love this layered feel. The gold frames of the pictures and mirror mimic the draperies and the chair backs for a pulled-together look.

Again, I can really get on board with minimalism too. The organic touch brought in by the fern is so pretty to me, and I can never get enough of lanterns.

I’d love to see more of this space. The scale would have to be so fun. 
I really do love the loose branches, and the books arranged in the fireplace.
But that dog is pretty stinkin’ cute too!

This mantel styling is gorgeous and perfect.
If you’ve seen this whole room (from House Beautiful back in the spring), you’ll remember how amazing all of it is.
Love love love the turtle shell, and the box collection in here is so fun!

Now, on to our mantel.
Here’s the way it looked in the antique shop where I found it.
It had obviously been looked over (score for me!), and was even in the “clearance” section of the shop  –  with a sale tag slapped on showing it had been marked way down. It had to come home with us.
Immediately, my wheels were turning with base ideas.
I showed Arturo a few options and he built me a pair of traditional ones that matched the scale of the room, the existing fireplace surround, and the mantel piece itself.

And here it is!
I spent an afternoon playing “stylist” with a few fun options based on what I had been Pinning. Anywhere from minimalism to a more layered approach, I had a ball that afternoon, and settled with an organic look for the fall. Even included a glam white ceramic skull to say “Happy Halloween!”
Take a look at my options:





This room is certainly a work in progress, and needs a few more touches, but we are so thankful to cross mantel off the “to do” list!
Now, I am thrilled to imagine the possibilities for holiday mantel styling! 
Thinking of decorating for Christmas super early a little early this year…is that ok? 🙂