Twin beds + red

I think it’s fun to show you all my plans for rooms. Here’s the plan for a guest bedroom at my in-laws’ home. The antique needlepoint served as the inspiration and everything else just fell into place! Lots of fun colors and patterns, along with a pair of antique twin beds, will make this room fit for any guest!
Option One
Option Two

Option Three

The bedroom has three large windows, tall ceilings, and hard wood floors. Pretty great canvas to start with.
I immediately thought red would be a snappy color to incorporate, and here are a few of my favorite images of bedrooms that used red.
What is it that’s just so adorable about twin beds?
I love this room’s collection of boat prints. And the convex mirror looks just like a porthole in a ship. Darling.
The boldness of the red, black, and blue combo is amazing here. The white keeps it clean and fresh!
I do love the English approach of using one pattern on the walls and the linens. This is presh.
And the global influence here just speaks to me. All of those patterns – I love!
This is fit for a princess…I love those cornices hanging above the bed, and the paisley fabric is simply gorgeous.
This room is so cute! The reading lights make this space so inviting. The tailored bed skirts with the spreads tucked neatly under the mattress equal maja preppiness.
Do you have a favorite?
I think Option One is the winner!
Hopefully I’ll be able to share the finished product with you all sometime soon!