New BuildsFrom the Ground Up: Deciding if New Build is Right for You

From the Ground Up: Deciding if New Build is Right for You

It can be hard to look at a homesite and imagine a home, but here at Maggie Griffin Design, New Builds are one of our specialties! We love nothing more than getting to be there with you, designing the home of your dreams, every single step of the way. Similar to Renovations, we employ our six step process that has been time and quality tested to ensure your happiness and our success.

If you’ve got your eye on a property, have the homesite already selected, or just want to get a feel for how we do New Builds, you’ve come to the right place! Take a seat (something comfy!) and read on!

Our proprietary six step process always starts with a consultation. We’ll meet in-person or virtually to go over the location, timeframe, and scope of the project. In this meeting we want to hear your hopes, dreams, and must-haves for your home (because that’s what we’re after!). Then, we get to work, pulling everything together for our next step, our “Finishes Day.” This is when we’ll go over plumbing fixtures, lighting, tile selection, and appliances. Next, up are interior selections — paint colors, wall coverings, and fabrics and furnishings. These two steps are by and large client favorites, and it’s easy to imagine why! After decisions have been made and everything has been selected, we’re ready to show you what we’ve got! We’ll present the scope of work and proposal, which will include schedules (from paint to hardware), pricing and quotes, and mood boards for each room. With your approval, we then place orders, prioritize project elements, and set installation dates. And then, what’s left is installation (aka: the best day of the year). 

So now that you know the drill, your next question is, why a New Build?
Here’s our answer! In a nutshell, New Builds are a great choice for those who know exactly what they want, and they don’t want to settle for anything less. (We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to!) New Builds offer optimum personalization, meaning you get to choose where every room is located, along with everything in it — windows, light switches, outlets, everything! No detail is too big or too small, which means that your home will be, well, completely you. Have you always dreamed of a central vacuum? It’s yours. Want to add on something afterwards, like a home office? Done. Do you have walk-in pantry dreams? A double sink in the master bathroom? A covered patio? You. Can. Have. It. All.

Rumor has it that new builds aren’t cost efficient. But let us tell you the complete opposite. You will be making the most of your money, as you’ll save on maintenance. Your wiring, pipes, and the materials used to build your home will be brand spanking new. The warranties will last longer, and new finishes and appliances are so much more energy efficient — helping the planet and your wallet.
And what if you’re working with a budget? Does it have to be expensive? The simple answer: No. You’re going to spend what you want to spend, because every single choice is yours. That’s the beauty of New Builds! 

If we’ve whet your whistle and you’re ready to talk more, please give us a shout! Let us know in the comments, send Maggie an email, or fill out our contact form. We are excited to talk about your dream home with you!

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