Bachelor Living

A little while back, one of my friends called me to help – her boyfriend’s bachelor condo needed a little “fluffing” as I like to call it. Mainly, his bedroom was in desperate need. They’re both good friends of mine, so this was an easy, fun project that quickly spilled from the bedroom to the other parts of his condo…a little spruce to the living room, and a little tweaking in the dining room. 
You know I love a good before and after, and I think this one is pretty fun.
Here’s what I began with:
Ready for a fluff, isn’t it?
First stop on the fluff list: A Headboard
I made this one! It’s covered in linen and bordered with French Natural nail heads.
Super handsome, right?
My super-hubs added the hangers to the back for me.
Next on the fluff list: Bedding
This is the gorgeous chocolate brown threading on the embroidery of the sheets. 
A matelasse, coverlet and shams were brought in next.
Gosh, it was time to replace that lamp.
Ooooo, now its coming together. Another bedside table in natural bamboo – check. A French flour sack bed-skirt and lumbar pillow – check. A fun mother-of-pearl round mirror – check.
There, that feels much better.

Much better than the beginning.

Oh, and a little bamboo bench in the bay makes for a nice place to stow your bag.
and finally, last on the fluff list – these great cream gourd lamps. Now it feels like a grown-up bedroom!
I moved some ship pictures from downstairs….
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And did a little fluff-a-roo on the shelves in the living room too. The sofa, pillows, tables, and lamps were already great, but the shelf accessories needed to be pulled together. 
I found these amazing distressed frames for some of the bachelor’s photographs from a trip out West. Now, as a focal point over the fireplace, he’s able to really enjoy them.
I moved this mirror from the living room to the dining room – on the list of wants: lamps for the buffet.
Lastly, in the newly renovated powder room, I pulled together a few pictures.
This bachelor pad definitely feels more mature and finished now. It’s been a fun project, and we’re just getting started!