A Friday Garden Tour

Did ya’ notice my ultra-snazzy new Tabs bar? It was just installed Wednesday night, and I still need to dish my thoughts under each topic, so bear with me. But, either way,I love the way it turned out – now you all can know a little bit more about me. 
On to the title of this post…a Garden Tour.
I may be an interior designer, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate beautiful design in all facets of the business. And the grounds shown in this post are no exception.
A little while back I was asked to draw a few things for a birthday gift…the giver and recipient being great family friends. Of course, I was too excited to do this, as it was a change from the normal, architectural, sketchy things I normally do. 
While I don’t have the drawings to show you, as they’ve been bestowed as gifts already, I couldn’t resist showing you a peek into the yard of this lovely couple. 
Over the years their yard has changed and grown to include this gorgeous vine-covered pergola, lush plantings, and charming koi ponds. Now, they provide a welcome respite from a busy life and a place to play for the grandchildren.