Baby Henry's Bathroom

Many things happen when you come home from the hospital as a new family. You leave the house as the two of you, and come back with another person who’s yours. It’s amazing. 
We’ve had a summer of adjusting to our new threesome, and it’s been so wonderful, awe inspiring, exhausting, and fun. 
But, aside from those things, other things happened around here too.
The mailbox had a pretty blue bow for a few weeks
And the lamppost did too

As did the front door

And his little bathroom finally got some baby love too. I did a sweet collection of art on the largest wall, some of which was done by me, and some from Etsy.
The three quotes came from Etsy, the elephant sketch and rhino were done by me in high school, and the plate and mirror are antiques. 

There’s nothing like adding a pretty monogram to a set of fluffy new towels either. The towels and shower curtain both got some initial love for our Thomas Henry Griffin.

For our anniversary, I painted a crest of sorts in honor of our last name for my husband, and we agreed that Henry needed it in either his room or bathroom.

Along with the art wall and new monogrammed linens, I added a fun indoor/outdoor chevron rug from Dash and Albert for a pop of pattern and color.

And this great bamboo shelf to house all of our bath cloths, bath toys and the like. 

Hope you like!