Apartment Progress

Remember the four apartments I posted about here? That post detailed these spaces when they were mere studs. Since then, we have walls! We have hardwood floors! (unstained, but floors nonetheless!) We have trims! We have mostly tiled bathrooms! 
Well, move in day was August 1st, so undoubtedly they look much different than even the images here. However, I sneaked over when the project was wrapping up and here’s the way it was all shaping up. 
Hopefully, I can sweet talk a few of the residents sometime soon to allow me in and to snap a few photos of the finished products. 🙂 
I am obsessed with the large window wall in this apartment – and the Plexiglass roof is amaze.
I love that all of the bedrooms and living spaces have such ample natural light. 

The original window casings were able to be kept; I love the width!

The original brick accents were saved too…what a neat architectural feature in this bedroom!

These brick arches are so fun!