Another bath reveal and hallway lights

So, you’ve seen the awesome bathroom reveal from Monday? Well, we let our renovating minds creep into the hallway and subsequently into the other guest bath as well. Here are a few snaps of the new lighting in the hallway and the new mirror in the bath!

BEFORE Corridor: a less than fun hallway. 
BEFORE Bathroom: O-kay mirror…ready for something fabulous though! 

AFTER: Amazing new pendant lights for the back hallway! These fit the house so much better…see that awesome zebra rug peeking from the foyer? If it goes missing, please don’t search my house! 😉 

AFTER bathroom: Gorgeous, whimsical mirror!  

We’ve got new lights on the way, but the mirror looks great on its own! 

I LOVE the gorgeous brown grass-cloth wallpaper against the brushed black finish of the mirror! 

The bath is still under progress, but the mirror makes a welcome addition. 

One more view of the lights from the other direction.

There’s my hunky hubs electrician again. Lucky me, he’s always so happy to help!