A few things to share

This is a random post, but I did want to share a fun little product developed from my drawing of the Sigma Kappa house at UGA and the lovelies that are in my house right now.
First up, this fun stamp!
An approaching UGA graduate’s mom contacted me in regards to a sorority house drawing of mine. She was personalizing her daughter’s graduation announcements and wished to use my image on the stamp. Of course I allowed it, and was so excited to see the stamp!
I was so tickled to see the finished product. And that they were sweet enough to make sure I saw it! 
And a generous Starbucks card to say “thank you” to me…..score! 

Secondly, I came home from a wedding weekend to a house full of beautiful plants! After emptying our room at the Atlanta Symphony Decorator’s Showhouse, I have the treat of enjoying the plants that had been gracing the room! I wanted to share their gorgeousness one more time….

 After the winter months when nothing’s blooming in our yard, the azaleas came out to play just in time for Easter. Now, our gorgeous hydrangea bushes are laden for Memorial Day!

These guys came from my yard – my hydrangea bushes are brimming with blooms! They make me so happy! 

I have the rich periwinkle blue hued hydrangeas, and these wispy white ones too….love! 

And somehow I’ve been able to keep this little guy around for a few months. The orchid he was paired with didn’t make it through the winter months, but he’s sticking around. I wish I could tell you I’ve been singing to it and polishing its fronds, but I haven’t. 

 However, if you just don’t have a green thumb, a great moss ball will do the trick too! I love the organic feel they give to a room, and the shot of green as well. The best part is, you never even have to water them!