A Tiny Tour of Our New House

I been promising you guys a house tour of our new house, so here’s an abbreviated one. 
Things are a leeeeeeetle cray around the MGD offices, which is awesome awesome, but leaves little no time to blog and get pics together. 
My sincere apologies for these iPhone pics, unmade beds, toys scattered…
In a few weeks, I will be able to share a lot more with you guys, and more deets on the rooms too. 
Right now, I am still trying to find the “right” spots for our things, moving furniture, finishing painting,  and swapping stuff around. 
Here’s the progress so far: 
A peek into the Entry AFTER 
Dining BEFORE 

Dining AFTER 

Kitchen in progress…. (I’ll share a before next time)

Kitchen AFTER 
Keeping Room BEFORE

Keeping Room peek AFTER 

Laundry Room BEFORE 

Laundry Room AFTER 
Powder Room BEFORE

Powder Room AFTER 
Master Bedroom in progress….
Master Bedroom AFTER


Guest Room BEFORE

Guest Room AFTER 
Guest Room BEFORE 

Guest Room peek AFTER 

Cant wait to give you guys a better post on what all we’ve done! 
Just a few more weeks….