My Henry Turns 2!

It’s so hard to believe that another year has gone by! 
Our Henry has made life so FUN and keeps us busy with his curious questions, funny words, and ever-growing vocabulary. He talks all the time, which we love! He loves to play outside, eat crackers, and watch Chuggington. 
His dancing skills are pretty awesome, and he could stand on the steps of the pool and splash for hours. Preferably naked. 
He’s a great eater, and probably likes breakfast most of all.
Eggs, waffles, hash browns, Kashi, and avocado are his favorite things to start the day.
It seems like just yesterday we celebrated our little man with his Radio Flyer Party 
and his big Safari party! 
(click links to see more on those)
This year, for his 2nd birthday, we celebrated with a Firetruck party at my parents’ house, for a small group of family and close friends, over the Mother’s Day weekend. 
Henry was tickled to get his very own shiny, red firetruck to mark his big day! 
I had little red favor boxes ready for our guests, filled with some of Henry’s favorite things. Cheese crackers, peanut M&M’s, sidewalk chalk, and sugar cookies. 

My amazing sister-in-law Laura Lyn designed and painted the adorable signs for Henry’s breakfast buffet! She always does such a wonderful job, and I am so lucky to call her family! Henry adores his aunt “La-Lyn”! 

My super-mom made the most delicious grits casserole! 

My mother-in-law, Pammy, is famous for her incredible homemade biscuits, so I was tickled to serve them at the party. They were a hit! As usual! 

David, my super-hubs, and my Dad, the breakfast-chef-extraordinaire, were in charge of waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs. Deeeeee-lish! 

Family friend Su-Su did these amazing pecan muffins….they were fantastic! 

This is my best friend Amy’s daughter Kennedy – she is so sweet and Henry is crazy about her! 

My grandfather, Henry’s great-grandfather, Gongaman sat with Henry during breakfast….these two make each other laugh and smile like no other! 

As a surprise for my Henry, we asked the firetruck to visit. Henry wasn’t sure about it at first, but really warmed up to it after a few minutes. 

My sweet nephew Ben (and cousin Aiden in the cab too) played all over the truck! I think the little ones, the big boys, and the adults all enjoyed seeing the firetruck, opening all the doors, and climbing on it too.

This is Henry and his cousin Gray. They were both born in 2013….I am so happy they get to grow up together. Love those little curly headed boys! 

Henry was elated to be in the firetruck with his cousin Ben! 

We are so thankful Mr. John came and brought the firetruck to Henry’s 2nd birthday party! 

Mom, Gongaman, my aunt Jill, brother Brince, sister Abbye and Chris

David and (our other friend) Chris 

It was such a fun morning, and we loved having our closest friends and family there to celebrate Henry’s love of Firetrucks! 
For Henry’s real birthday, I had a super casual afternoon/evening play date here at our home with our Gainesville friends. Easy, kiddo-friendly food was out to snack on between trips down the slide, drawing with chalk, and running around the yard. Pretzels, goldfish, squeeze pouches, popcorn and M&M’s, mini cupcakes, and a Chick-Fil-A platter were out for kids and adults to snack on. 

Henry and his darling friend Evelyn…as you can tell, they’ve enjoyed their cupcakes! 

My friend Caroline and her little Turner

Precious girls: Arabella and Annie Kate

Sweet baby Elizabeth! 

My awesome friends Callie and Jen

Henry loved playing with the “big” kids! 

Jen and her 3 girls – loved having them here to play! 

It was such a fun day of celebrating our little one. We are so blessed with amazing family and friends, and are ever thankful for them. Henry loved having his friends come to his house, and so did David and I! 
Happy 2nd Birthday to our Henry!