A Fabulous Farewell to the {Roaring 20's} – my brother's 30th birthday party!

Over the Christmas week, my brother Brince turned 30, and his wife, Laura Lyn hosted the most fabulous party to honor his big milestone birthday! 
Bidding farewell to Brince’s {Roaring 20’s}, we all gathered at their new home, transformed into a fun speak-easy, swathed in gold, white, black, and silver. It was so fun to help her pull off the big surprise, and of course to dress up too! 
Minks were worn, furs were draped, and suspenders galore. 
‘Twas a fantastic night and I wanted to share a few peeks around the party with you all! 
The mantel looked so festive! 
It was a gorgeous focal point when you entered their house
Mercury glass votive holders, white hydrangea, and strands of pearls were gathered for a small vignette inside the entrance

My talented friend Linsey from Two Crazy Cookies made these amazing monogram nibbles. The reverse monogram mimicked the one found atop the invitation

Strands of pearls, cigarette extenders, boas, and garters were among the fun accessories around the party for those impromptu photo ops. 
Cookies were on every surface for a little shot of sweet here and there

Bouquets of white hydrangea and white roses in silver julep cups were tucked around the party 

A fabulous buffet of pick-up foods were displayed for guests. Sausage bites, phillo cups, brie bites, eclairs, cake pops by Candace, and an incredible white chocolate butter cream birthday cake 

The cake was beautiful, and delicious too! 
Quite the excuse for messing up one’s red lipstick

Laura Lyn painted the chic black backdrop banners for the bar area – they’ll be great to use for parties to come! 

An intimate speakeasy was created under paper lanterns, with stoles, furs, and more to aid one’s costume. 

And now a peek at the fabulously attired party guests – everyone showed up and showed out! 
I loved it! 
Here’s the amazing party host and the birthday boy
They looked so authentic! 

Friends Jesse, Mallory, and Amy 

Lots of our friends came to celebrate Brince!

My sister Abbye and Chris
Me and my hot date

Brince and our grandfather 

Laura Lyn, Brince and her fam – Anna Grace, Mrs. Lyn, and Mr. Bob

My parents with their big crew – Abbye and Chris, my brother Asa and Kennedy, Brince and Laura Lyn, and David and me 

Happy birthday to Brince! 
Loved celebrating those {Roaring 20’s} of yours, and am excited for all that your 30’s will bring too! 
Love you!