A Coral and Navy Sunporch

Anyone dreaming of sunnier skies and warmer days? 
I am not one to despise the cold, but this dreary weather has me wishing for more Spring-like days and a chance to play outside. 

I love sharing what I’ve got going on with you guys, but to be honest, blogging takes a lot of time. I love showing you the befores and afters of my clients’ spaces, but taking the photos, editing, (sometimes re-taking photos), posting them, and coming up with something you guys may find interesting to say about them every time can take a lot of time. 
My blog is a fun place to share what I like, love, and a few new discoveries here and there. However, it also serves as my portfolio, showing my ideas, how they translate into a client’s home, and the way things magically happen. 

My process with my clients involves a lot of steps. 
I wanted to share an {abbreviated} version of how everything works here at MGD. 

Step One: Meeting – in-person (unless you’re an e-design client)
Here, I listen to your wishes/desires/goals, and I share my initial thoughts on the project. I take measurements, photos, and notes.

Step Two: After our meeting, I make a big punchlist/outline for the project that provides links to things I think you need or can order yourself. I take a lot of time finding things for clients. A. Lot.
Ordering fabric samples, studying my paint chart, choosing proportionate pieces. 
Everything I suggest has a reason. 

Step Three: Upon approval of my mood boards and punch list, we make a fabric order, furniture order, and wait. And wait. For it all to come in, to be made, etc. 
This step can be the absolute longest ever. Sometimes fabrics aren’t available anymore, or there’s not enough yardage, or my workroom is backed up, or my upholster is super busy. This step can actually take up to 6 months if we keep getting curve balls. 
When everything is ready, or most of it, I will come and do a big install. Most of the time, it takes a couple of visits to wrap everything up. I love doing my own installs so as to make sure its all done the way it should be. And I like to see it all in person too. 

I rarely show the nitty gritty when it comes to my job, because truthfully, it overshadows all the great, fun things about what I do. But, there are a million trips to the upholsterer, equally as many deliveries from my workroom, a ton of emails, texts, and PayPal invoices sprinkled in there too. Sometimes my clients are patient and sometimes they aren’t. 
Sometimes they do what I say and sometimes they don’t.


Either way, my job is amazing and I have a ton of fun, so that’s really all I can ask for, right?

To finish this long explanation, I wanted to show the most fun first step in my job:

The Mood Board

This shows a client how a room will look and feel (for the most part) and how the pieces work together. I use a simple program on my iPad that beats the ever-living heck outta those big presentation boards we labored over in college. 

Back to the original purpose of this post: Showing you guys my plan for a client’s bright and crisp, preppy sun porch. It will double as a home office and reading space. 
I am kinda crazy over the fun contrast of the classic navy and pretty coral, all balanced with stark white.