Before & AfterWindow WOW! Historic home with original woodwork….Yes please!

Window WOW! Historic home with original woodwork….Yes please!

Many clients ask what makes the biggest difference in a room. 
Well, paint is probably the simplest thing to change and least expensive. 
But, nothing adds to a room like a gorgeous window treatment to frame a lovely window. 
Case in point:
This gorgeous, historic home in Athens’ Five Points neighborhood. 
A beautiful Craftsman home with the most insane original paneling…it was just a sight to take in upon my first visit. 
In a time when everyone is quick to paint trim, I could truly appreciate the previous owners’ inclination to leave the original woodwork as is. And also really appreciate the current homeowners’, my friends, determination to leave them as is too. 
We added lovely, full, linen drapery panels to the windows and the result is nothing short of luxe.
Check out this peek:



What’s made the biggest difference in your home?
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