Waterlogue App…Before and Afters of my favorite spaces!

Do you guys have the Waterlogue App on your iPhones or iPads? 
For those of you who use images all of the time, like me, I’ll bet you have it. 
I am kinda addicted to it and its magical transformative powers to make any space look instantly more romantic and lovely with the watercolor application.
If any of you guys follow me on Instagram, then you probably see a lot of my Waterlogue images of spaces I’ve been working on. I usually do these when I want to give you guys a little peek into what I’ll be blogging about soon.

I thought it may be fun to share with you guys what I have Instagrammed via Waterlogue and the actual spaces behind the paintbrush.


Happy Halloween to all of my fabulous readers! 
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!