Updating, rearranging, etc.

When my BFF James comes to play, I get so excited! While he was here to help host my baby shower, I desperately wanted his view on how to change things around. Moving around my interiors is a favorite game of mine, but this preggie girl had hit a road block. One Saturday spent “fluffing” left me so happy and ever appreciative of his talents. I mean, the kid can do it all! 🙂

Here are a few peeks around my abode of what we moved and added:

Since the baby shower was on Sunday, I was spoiled with his arrangements tucked here are there. James’ planted compositions in the silver buckets were gorgeous! 
A quick switch-a-roo of my rugs gave a new look too!

The pine armoire was hidden in the living room, so when James suggested moving it to the dining space, I was tickled to be able to see it better!

In the entry, the octagonal ikat table now pops with the cow hide underneath. James tucked an arm’s bunch of forsythia into my Mama Doris’ butter churn to welcome guests into the front door!

A few branches of Japanese Magnolia brought in the most lush fuchsia color too.

And a quick trip to Lowe’s yielded two weeping cherry trees for the living room. David and James had these guys potted and placed in no time! They just screamed “Spring baby shower” to me, so when James suggested them, it was really a no brainer! 

The spring-y colors make me so happy! 

I spy a little dog hiding amid all the moving – Baxter’s tail made the pic!
He’s used to this sort of thing happening though. 

I love using what I have but feeling like it’s new…making use of all of our hand-me-downs has been fun for me, and I love switching it all up! But now, things will be staying put for a while since we’ll soon have a baby boy around here! 
Have you done any spring updates at your house?