The living room

Right inside the front door is our main living room. Upon our first walk through this house, we opened the front door, and all we could see was light and water. It was during the winter so there were no leaves on the tree branches, and all you could see was slick green water. We were sold. 
During my planning time between moving from the old house to the new house, I knew we needed to use everything we had in the way of furnishings. At the time, we hadn’t sold our first house, and were getting closer and closer to owning two houses. Ouch. 
But, this house was so worth it. 
I love using what one already has….and rearranging is like my favorite thing to do. 
Here’s a look at the color scheme that kept gnawing at me. I didn’t use these exact colors, but these are the hues that now grace the walls and such around here. 
The natural light in this space is amazing.
On the to do list:
Eventually – a mantel and a light fixture

Also on the to-do list:
fill in the large holes left by the intercom
fill in the large cut-out to create a true wall

The following two chairs were about to get a make-over courtesy of my fabo uphosterer, Lonnie. 

This cute little chair was a high school graduation gift from my Baboo…this chair, covered in the plum chenille, stayed with me all through college, post-college living, and in our first house. It was time for a new look.

I found this chair for $100 at an antiques shop and had it recovered. I just loved it, but Baxter did too. He’s our first born so we couldn’t say no when this became his favorite chair and he dirtied up the seat. 

 And I “Pinned” my fair share of inspiration rooms along the way too…

This chair inspired me to re-cover the wing back in two different fabrics….

I spy a hide over a jute rug….

I really fell for the basket weave on the sides of this Oly settee….hmmm, got my wheels turning.

This Restoration Hardware sofa is available for like a gajillion dollars. Well, not really. But, it was waaaaay outta this chica’s budget. I really loved the lines and showed it to my upholsterer too.

And here’s the little wingback on pick-up day. I was so excited to see it in the shop! 

White duck front, basket weave back and sides, and French natural nailheads! 

And this is the sofa we had recovered while channelling Restoration Hardware. I almost died when I saw it. I don’t have a before picture of this because it looked so bad that I knew I’d be too embarrassed to show you. 

And here we are with most of the larger pieces in place. 



Adding prints and plants…

Needs some softening

And now there’s more character to the room.
My hubs and I saw the hide rug at Scott’s, and bought it before anyone else could!
Allegedly, it’s a longhorn hide from Brazil. It’s my favorite coloring too – the reddish brown with a white belly. This cow must have been a giant because the hide covers a ton of the jute rug underneath. 

Pillows, plants, and lamps add soft touches

This room will evolve, I’m sure. As they all will. But, for now, I am so happy with the light, airy feeling!