Our bath and closet

Our new bathroom is pretty spacious. 
I our other house, my husband converted an old green tiled bath into a larger modern one, but sometimes with us both in there getting ready in the mornings, it could still be a little tight. 
Now, we’ve definitely got more room.
Here’s the bathroom before we painted and added our things.
The floors, counters and surface around the tub meant that it would all be easy to clean. And a ceiling sky light definitely makes the room bright.

And now, it feels like home with our “stuff” in here.

The short transition hallway between our bedroom and our bathroom is where our closets are located. We chose a light gray for the bathroom, and also painted the doors in this room black. I really wanted to break up all the white cabinetry and mirrors on the wall, and think this certainly helped.

An ottoman on loan from my mom is the perfect piece for here – a place to toss clothes or sit and put on our shoes. And I think the colorful little zig-zag rug adds some zip!

While we would eventually like to make some modern improvements, we’re so happy with the room we now have to get ready in the mornings.

Along with a larger bathroom, we both got larger closets in this house too. Our closets in the other house were super tight…ranch style homes don’t usually have a ton of storage space. But, this house has room for our things. 

I’m not gonna lie….its still a little tight in mine…does any gal EVER have “enough” room? 

These are mostly my summer dresses and tops so I will swap a few of those things over soon enough – our cedar closet in my office is home to my winter things right now. I keep my shoes organized on the shoe rack, and have baskets for my flats and belts.

We were stoked to have all of these convenient drawers too…room for my socks, t-shirts, work out clothes, jeans, and bathing suits.

A “Pin” inspired me to use these simple “S” hooks from the hardware store as an easier way to hang my costume pieces. I love having them more accessible!

David and I are both really organized, and having the space in these closets makes it easy. His definitely stays neater than mine though. 🙂 

Hope you all have a safe and happy labor day weekend!!!