New Sketches – Gold Pagodas

I love Chinoiserie anything. 
Especially a pagoda. 
The Pink Pagoda has the cutest prints…you see them pop up all over blogs and Pinterest.
Back in the fall, I tried my hand at painting a few. You may remember the series I did in blue watercolor. I also did some in green watercolor for a friend for Christmas. Then, I had a request for metallic gold ones from another friend. 
Be still my heart. 
I mean, how glam and fun are gold pagodas? 🙂
I did a series of 6 and wanted to share. I think they’re so fun.
I’ve got them for sale via Etsy. Or you can just let me know if you’d like a set. 
I found these fun images of other pagoda prints that I was diggin’ on Pinterest. 
I feel that a little touch of chinois in a space goes a long way.
These are a modern way to incorporate them into your decor.
Or classically framed ones arranged grid-style.
I would love to have this set of 9 in my house! Maybe I will try painting them myself…
And incorporated into an eclectic gallery wall, a little pagoda adds a touch of whimsy.
How do you feel about them?