New Master Bedroom!

During our delayed closing time (you can read about that here), I had PLENTY of time to think about what I wanted, paint colors, where I’d put my stuff when we moved, how I’d organize the linen closet….and on any given afternoon, my darling husband would come home to this. We’d pore over the paint chart and the spreadsheet I’d created listing our projects. I’d make “a decision” and then a few weeks would pass, and I’d change again. Luckily, the decisions that have been implemented so far, I am COMPLETELY happy with. 
One of my first decisions would be what color I wanted our new master bedroom to be. We’ve had a light, light blue bedroom for 3 years, and I was thinking of going a little darker. Man, am I happy with it. 
Here’s the way the bedroom looked when the previous homeowners lived here. 
Now, an empty room. You can see how much natural sunlight we get in this room – for me, that gave me the go-ahead to do something a little bolder in terms of paint.
 Pinterest gave me the vision with this great bedroom photo…
The Pinterest bedroom gave me the nudge, and now I am loving the way our things look against the dark brown walls. My husband has told me so many times “Babe, I am diggin’ this wall color.” ahh. Makes a wifey feel nice! 
I’m still slowly but surely hanging things on the walls, but I love the way it looks already!
There’s lots more to come, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into the house before the weekend. I am heading to the beach for family time – hope you’re all enjoying your summer too!