New Kitchen Lights

When we first moved into our house, the kitchen was a mess. Remember? Now, this room in our home is much more suitable for our taste as well as more functional for our life.

Originally, there was track lighting over the center island. I’m not hugely opposed to track lighting, but knew that I could find something much better. I kept being drawn to industrial chic lights…here are the Pins I was swooning over:

I am sure you’re seeing a common thread between these Pins – light, bight kitchens, with a touch of industrial chic….gorgeous styling and a few bar stools. 

And here is my solution! 
Three industrial lights evenly spaced over our center island!

These guys were found on clearance (score!) at World Market, and up they went! 

I love their patina, and the structural look. 
They’re great at night when we don’t have the recessed lighting on, just these sweet little guys over the island shining onto the sink.
I am really diggin’ the way they look with our new piece in here too! 

And one more small addition to the room – this fun little chest with a marble top! 
I grabbed this from a storage building at home a few weeks ago, polished this sucker up, and now its home is under the TV in the kitchen – but, I am sure it’ll find other homes in our house eventually too. 🙂

Happy Monday!