Monday Maven: Nine Oaks Way’s Laura Sexton, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday Maven: Nine Oaks Way’s Laura Sexton, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

My Thanksgiving Monday Maven is a super talented interior designer, floral designer, and artist. She also happens to be a friend of mine, having married a “Perry boy”, one of my brother’s high school classmates. 
Laura Sexton of Nine Oaks Way has just launched her own business, sharing her incredible artistic talent with all of us! Laura has fabulous taste, is the loveliest person, and happened to marry into one of my favorite fun families. 🙂 
I am crazy over her gorgeous prints and drawings, and am so thankful that she agreed to guest post today! 
Y’all enjoy…her interview is inspiring and touching. 
Thanks Laura! 

Hi! I’m Laura – wife, mom, Interior Designer and creator/owner of my newest adventure, Nine Oaks Way! I’m so grateful to be here today and share a little about by design background and business story with you! 

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Like many creatives, I’ve loved to draw, paint, and decorate since I could hold a crayon. After graduating from Auburn I started my own Interior Design business and did regular contract work with several talented designers. My primary focus was Residential Interior Design, but my design roles also involved drawing elevations, landscape and renovation plans, and illustrating “A Time to Plant” by James Farmer. When my husband’s career change resulted in a move, I specialized in floral design for weddings and operated an antique booth in an interiors market. Having a constant mix of projects, clients, and design mediums paved the way for Nine Oaks Way and my vision behind what I’m doing now.

In June 2013, we welcomed our son and I traded in my role as full time designer for new mom. Nine Oaks Way was born shortly after Sawyer. The collection of giclee botanical prints I’ve created were drawn and painted from actual leaves and acorns Sawyer and I collected on walks together in our neighborhood. I had a vision to provide a fresh, timeless, quality product to bless others in their home, while being at home with my family. 

So who is Laura, the artist? 

I have dirty dishes in my sink, boxes filling up our dining room (we just moved…again ) and laundry that needs folding. I don’t have a studio and end up painting wherever the natural light is best. My business story isn’t glamorous but it has the fingerprints of my Creator all over it. I’m proof that small goals and small increments of time matter! I worked during naptime and whenever I could until my product was ready to sell. I’m hopeful my story will encourage other creative women to schedule time for their craft in the middle of real life!

What inspires you to create? 

I know a woman who is overwhelmed by her stark walls and paralyzed when it comes to deciding what goes with her decor, how many pictures to hang, and how to frame on a budget. She is who inspired Nine Oaks Way. That might sound dramatic but, as a designer and friend, I have met this woman so many times! When inspiration advances to helping a specific person or solving a problem something amazing happens. 

I’m inspired by people’s lives, places, the detail of God’s creation, and what only comes into focus when I take time to rest and slow down. I am continually learning that the creative process requires discipline and sacrifice. Creating is an action. It’s a wonderful feeling to be inspired but what am I going to do with it? Who am I going to serve?  

What are your favorite color schemes? Mediums?

When it comes to interiors and art, I’ll never tire of neutrals and colors I can see out of my window. I love color but want everything in my home to fluidly transition from room to room. As far as mediums, I love the detail of pen and ink, the softness of watercolor and the depth of oils or acrylics. Some of each make a home interesting!

Do you have any art pieces that are particularly special to you? Favorite furniture pieces? 
Two of my favorite paintings are a pair of watercolor landscapes of Chattanooga, TN (where I grew up). My mom gave them to me and she found them at our favorite antique mall we visit when I’m in town. They have the original frame and are signed by the artist. They are small and simple, have all my favorite colors in them, and I literally breathe slower and deeper when I look at them…I’m a total sucker for the mountains. 

My first big purchase in college was a pine chest of drawers from Scotts Antique Market and a pair of antique blue and white hand painted urns. I won a design contest and wanted to purchase “forever” pieces to have in my home. They took up most of my room during my last year of Auburn and have made a place in our home ever since. One of my mantras to our generation is to save up and invest in quality pieces that last!

How does your style translate into your home?

I love mixing “forever” pieces with antique mall and estate sale steals. One of the best design complements I’ve been given is to walk into our living room and see family and friends with their feet on our coffee table. Yes, they have followed my husband’s lead but it’s important to me to create a beautiful, relaxed space where everyone feels welcome.

Nine Oaks Way is a wonderful example of my style and the fresh, timeless beauty of botanical prints! I worked so hard to custom mix colors that would complement real peoples’ homes and hope to demystify addressing large, lonely walls. When I spend money on art, I want to make sure it will transition with my home and style.

If you need direction for framing on a budget, I offer tips and recommendations of my favorite ways to frame! I also offer a Free Designer Consult on my website for those interested in starting a collection of their own, but need help in deciding what size print and what arrangement would work best in their space.

Although there is only one lucky winner for this giveaway, I wanted to let YOU know that Nine Oaks Way will be having a Cyber Monday Sale! I’ll be sharing the discount code with my Instagram and Facebook friends! You can find me through the social media icons at the bottom of

Thank you again for inviting me into your homes today!


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I love it’s timeless quality and classic look. 

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I am thankful for each of my readers and happy that Laura joined me here on B&B today! 
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!