Monday Maven: Marquin Campbell and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday Maven: Marquin Campbell and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Congrats to yesterday’s winners! 

I believe the 15th entry goes to Hollie Hill! 
You are the winner of the black and white original painting! 

And the 27th entry belongs to Allie Wilkinson! 
Excited that you’ll have an original Marquin Campbell painting in your home! 

Be on the lookout for more Monday Mavens and GIVEAWAYS coming up in the future! 

I began stalking following Marquin on Instagram, via her gorgeous website and we chatted over email. A fellow UGA girl from Savannah, she is the first {Maven} in my new blog series!   
(follow her on Instagram @marquindesigns)

Maven means “expert, or connoisseur.” And well, it just sounded cute to do it on Mondays. 😉 

Starting today, and continuing through the holidays and into the new year, I will be hosting a bi-monthly feature on a talented friend of mine….artists of all sorts….painters, photographers, jewelry designers, cooks, and so much more! I do hope you will follow along with the series as there will be some fun surprises along the way too! 

The lovely Marquin Campbell is an artist and paint studio owner in Greenville, South Carolina. She graciously allowed me to interview her…and I have loved getting to know this fun, endearing business owner! She bursts with creative energy…akin to my own love of creating! 

Marquin’s interview below:


Tell me about yourself: 

I am an artist living in Greenville, South Carolina.  I have an art school, Vino And van Gogh, that started out as a wine and paint studio, but has grown into a full blown school: I have 10 teachers that work there and  also host guest artists to teach workshops.  We teach classes to kids starting at one to adults.  

I work out of the studio painting, drawing, and making jewelry.  Basically, I love making things and have created the perfect job for myself: one where I can be surrounded with creativity all the time. 

Tell us about yourself as an artist: 

I am inspired by a lot: I find the world around me endlessly interesting: food, wine, travel, textiles, color, pattern, and books all inspire me.  Lots of my current work is driven by the land in the lowcountry- especially focusing on the marsh and water.  But really, I paint for pure enjoyment.  So I paint what moves me in the moment. 

What inspires you to create: 

I have an abundance of creative energy.  If I don’t get that energy out into the world I feel a void.  Its really the equivalent of working out: once you’ve been doing it your whole life, its hard to not keep up the routine because you thrive off of it. 

What are your favorite color schemes?
I am drawn to watery blues, grays, and I love using a really deep brown that has a tinge of purple in it in all my paintings.  But I am always moved by color and react to it differently every time I work. 

What is your favorite Medium? 

I get horrible migraines, so oil is a no-go for me.  I stick to acrylic and watercolor. I also love gold leafing and gold paint in my painting work. 

Do you have any art pieces that are particularly special to you? 

In each piece I learn more, so I usually love the last painting I created the most.  My first big painting was in first grade: it won an award with Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital and was placed on a Christmas greeting card and went in their permanent art collection.  That is when I knew I wanted to be an artist. 

How does your art style translate in your home? 

I have an unfussy, yet traditional home. I would like to think the my work is elegant but fun and approachable.  I want the space in my home to have that same feeling. I have a very low-patterened home with strong textures so that art and accessories show up well in it.  Too much pattern and color makes me overwhelmed. 


I loved sneaking a peek into Marquin’s gorgeous home and inspiring studio space! So much so that, I now have one of her fabulous original black and white paintings hanging in my home. 

Check out all of her gorgeous work here.

I began a simple gallery wall in my bedroom, and have loved seeing how different combinations pop against the chocolate color of the walls. This amazing painting fit right in and really sings to me from this little corner of the room. 

I love mixing in abstract art, and the movement of this piece is both invigorating and calming to me. The layers of paint give it texture and interest….and by hanging it one of 4 ways gives me a different feel with each turn of the canvas. 

SOOOOOOOO, Now its: 

Marquin has generously sent not one BUT TWO of her originals for my fantastic bloggers! 

One super duper lucky reader will receive this black and white original painting!

If you don’t win either of them, have no fear… Marquin is generously offering a discount code of 20% off to my readers on her website:

Just enter
at checkout on any product till September 21st

It’s a “sister” to mine, and just as wonderful! 

Not only will one reader receive the black and white painting, but a second reader will receive this original abstract piece on heavy weight watercolor paper. Shades of blue, taupe, cream and metallic gold combine in this piece! 

I love them both, and am super happy that two of my sweet readers get to have a piece of Marquin’s talent in their home. 

You guys know the drill…..comment below to “enter”! Giveaway time ends 9.16.14 at midnight! :))) 
Good luck!!! 

If you’re in the Greenville area, be sure to check out her studio space at Vino and Van Vogh! 
And don’t forget to peruse her incredible original pieces too.

Just enter
at checkout on any product till September 21st

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @marquindesigns too! 

Thank you again to Marquin!