Mary McDonald For Schumacher

This ad makes me so happy!
I love Mary McDonald. I love Schumacher. The combo makes me swoon.
Did you all get to tour the Atlanta Symphony Decorator’s Showhouse this year? I sure hope so! James Farmer’s room was amazing (if I do say so myself), as was the rest of the palatial house. Sadly, the last day the house was open was on Sunday. However, if you did go, you saw this fabric on the windows in the master bedroom:
It was incredible. And it’s equally incredible in the other color ways too.
Mary McDonald’s line of fabrics and rugs for Schumacher is just divine. 
Trims, tapes, appliques, fabrics = yummo
Some more of my favorites are:
Angie Helm Interior Design: Mary McDonald for Schumacher trims!!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!