I may be super duper partial, but I think my brother Brince’s wife is pretty darn amazing. She’s sweet, good at everything, and way smart. 
I am lucky to call her sister, and my Henry is beyond blessed to call her aunt. She’s just amazing at everything! 
Recently, Laura Lyn set out to nurture her business, LLC Events, full time. She’s a fabulous, one-stop-shop wedding planner that can help you with anything from choosing your colors to directing your wedding. I think the only thing she can’t do (yet) is actually marry the bride and groom. 
And I say that in like the least un-sarcastic way ever. 
(uh hmmm, paging Rev. LL)
Y’all check out her gorgeous new website, and if you’re a bride out there, call her immediately.
Share her extraordinary talents with anyone you can! 
Best decision you’ll make as a bride! 
LL, we are so proud of you! And can’t wait to see what all you do on your new path!
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ps. you all have seen her gorgeous hand lettering too (here and here) which is now available on Etsy