Lake Living

To say I enjoyed every aspect of this project would be a ginormous understatement. When you have as much fun as I do with these clients, its really hard to call this “work.” Of course, having a hand in designing a home drawn by the incredible William Baker of Atlanta and built by the talented Richard Padgham of Richard Padgham Custom Homes, along the shores of our beautiful Lake Sidney Lanier only sweetens the deal. 
After finding the perfect lot nestled into a quiet lake cove, this couple set out to remove the existing property (salvaging the original bricks to be re-purposed in the new structure), to build their “field of dreams house” – a space for their blended family of 7 children, and their large extended family. Completed in May, it was finished just in time for a summer full of lake time, family porch time, and kids showing up for long weekends with maybe a few pals in tow. 😉 
I love this house. Like reaaally love this house. When you aid in choosing everything from roof shingles, to brick patterns, to grasscloth, to furniture placement, and every pillow too…you become quite invested. Truly, such a labor of love. 
Our process involved designing a home around the couple’s shared beautiful antique and family pieces, namely the fantastic repertoire of rugs that were to be laid over the amazing hardwood floors. So with furnishings like these to already pull from, the occasional new chair or pillow was a cinch. 
Here’s a little tour of the first floor of this breathtaking lake home…I do hope you enjoy! 
I will be sharing more of the basement spaces and bedrooms in a few days. 
They were hosting a dinner party over the summer, and after a few days of “fluffing”, I had my amazing friend Alexandra Haynes of Alexandra Haynes Photography shoot the house – every inch was covered in hydrangea and I couldn’t pass up the timing!