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As we navigate the current climate, how do we ensure we come out successful on the other side? Please join Schumacher President Benni Frowein and acclaimed interior designers Maggie Griffin, Mary McDonald, and Thomas O’Brien for a candid conversation and Q&A on the tools and practices that can help pivot and ramp up your business for the next chapter.

Be smart about where you spend and where you save! Buy or rent your office space? Hire a full-time staff or freelance it out? Do it in-house or engage an expert? Tune in to find out how to master your budget so you come out on top. Please join Schumacher President Benni Frowein for a conversation and Q&A with interior designers Mark D. Sikes, Dan Mazzarini, and Maggie Griffin.

On today’s episode, we’re answering all of your burning decorating dilemmas with one of our favorites, Maggie Griffin. She was one of our first guests on episode 25, and we loved having her so much. We also gave her the ‘Best Instagram to Follow’ award, and you can see her home tour. Suffice it to say, she’s a total pro, so there’s no better person to answer all of your questions!

Interior designer Maggie Griffin from Gainesville, Georgia decorates spaces much like her personality, warm, happy, and with classic Southern charm. We loved touring her house and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get her on the podcast. If you aren’t yet following her on Instagram, then you’re gonna want to start. We talk about decorating with kids, how to build a gallery wall, the deal with decorating around the TV, and other decorating ‘don’ts’ like ceiling fans.

We often say that the goal of decorating your home is to express your personality through furniture, art, and accessories, and walking into interior designer Maggie Griffin’s home, it’s evident she’s done just that. Her 1940’s brick cottage is layered, inviting, warm, and has an irresistible Southern charm that draws you in. She masterfully uses wallpaper throughout the house, has curated a gorgeous collection of art, and mixes family heirlooms with recent finds.

Maggie Griffin is a fabulous Atlanta based designer who has mastered the feel of Southern charm, yet fine-tuned her craft in Europe while studying in Florence, Italy. Her studies included the history of fabrics, retail marketing, and merchandising. With an obvious passion for her work and institutional knowledge and mastery of textiles, Maggie is able to craft her spaces for southern living with a European flair and that is evident in her work. Maggie, as a designer, has what I call the ‘full range of motion’ as it relates to the work from her Modern Atlanta Farmhouse to a charming Dutch Colonial with southern accents. You are going to meet Maggie, hear her story, and learn how it all comes together.

Beauty is in the details. Let us transform your home!

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