Holiday Designer Showcase At The Cloister, Sea Island

When asked to participate in the Holiday Designer Showcase at The Cloister on Sea Island, I was utterly speechless. 
It was such an honor that I couldn’t believe it! 
They wanted ME to come and design and decorate a room at THE CLOISTER for Christmas?!?! 
Ummmmm, OK!!!!!! 
It was without a doubt, one of the most fun weekends I have ever had “working”! Having my uber talented sister in law, Laura Lyn, with me put me at ease, and we pretty much had the best weekend ever. Imagine combining the best meals, with your bff sister in law, decorating for Christmas, and some spa time…..I mean, what’s not to LOVE??
We had THE best time meeting and getting to know the other designers from all over the Southeast. It was a pleasure to make so many fun industry contacts for both LL and I. 
Laura Lyn is so talented, y’all. She has this calming personality and a sharp wit, and you always want her on your team because of her smarts and how she just acclimates to any crowd. She is super organized and on top of everything. I was so appreciative of all she did to help me all weekend long, and the fun we had playing too! 
ps. She’s an amazing event planner and you brides need to call her! 
her website is beautiful:
ok ok ok enough gushing. 😉 
I was assigned the Cigar Lounge. I felt equal parts “jack-pot!!!” and “ohmygosh, how do I do that gorgeous room justice??” 
It’s a Cloister signature, The Cigar Lounge. Located right outside of the River Bar and just off the Main Lobby, its a high trafficked area that a lot of people see. 
We were asked to not only incorporate elements of our Southern culture, but to make sure that the items in the room would last through New Years, or about a month after install. 
With those directions, we packed a TON of indigenous materials that I dried for a few months….antique hydrangea (with blooms as big as a basketball!), palmetto fronds, cat tail stems, and even cotton cut from the farm in Hawkinsville. 
{Thanks Dad!} 
We decorated the tree with sparkly ornaments of clear glass, mercury glass, and feather balls. Topped with palmetto branches, the tree was precious! I tucked some wrapped gifts around the bottom with an antique textile of mine too. 
The mantel was special. It seemed daunting to make the pecky cypress mantel both stand out and shine on its own. It’s so beautiful that I couldn’t bear covering it up. Too much. 😉
I used two of my huge blue and white jars on the ends, stuffed with berries, hydrangea, sticks, and palmettos. In the middle was an arrangement full of orchid, hydrangea, pheasant feathers, dried seed pods, and David Austen roses. 
With cotton stuffed into the center vase, I then tackled the coffee table arrangements. I used faux pomegranates, birch logs, orchid, hydrangea, and palmettos to make four unique arrangements. 
Lastly, I staged the bar area with pretty things…Pellegrino bottles, Club Soda, chocolate truffles, votives, and more all atop an antique copper tray. It was fun to imagine an old bar being there many moons ago! 
Anywho, enough of my rambling. 
Here are lots of peeks into this beautiful space that I was lucky enough to deck for the holidays.