Henry's Radio Flyer Party

Although we celebrated Henry’s 1st birthday a bit early with our friends and family over the Mother’s Day weekend back home, we definitely wanted to have a little party on his “actual” birthday. We decided to have several of our friends over with their kiddos for a week night party and play time, all centered around Henry’s favorite red wagon! 
A few months ago, I posted a pic of Henry on Instagram in his red wagon. It was a beautiful January day (one of those rare, clear, warmer days in the middle of the winter) and he is grinning from ear to ear with his arm thrown casually over the side (the pic is in a frame below.) 
After posting the image, Radio Flyer asked me to upload it to their website under the Little Red Stories page. “Sure, that’s sweet” I thought. Well, since then, Henry has been featured on their Facebook page, their blog, and even won the February contest! So, it seemed only natural that he have a red wagon party to celebrate his 1st birthday! 
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We got lucky with the most beautiful afternoon for his party. The talented Kaylan Bradley of Happy Everything Co. here in Gainesville captured the fun evening with friends! She’s amazing, people! 
Henry absolutely LOVES balls and balloons. He thought he hit the jack-pot to hold this big bundle of red polka dotted balloons! 
My little family! I love them so! 
I couldn’t pull off any of this without my incredible husband! He does so much for us! 
I loved planning this soiree for Henry! It was easy to do…I had lots of red, silver, black and white things already in my stash, and filled in the rest via Etsy and Amazon.
Here are the deets on the party:
Milk for the kiddos – the bottled milk was a party favor. The cute milk bottles came from Amazon.com
And chocolate chip cookies to go! 
I made the labels myself, and ordered the red glassine bags on Amazon.com

Red wagon napkins from Etsy

I designed Henry’s invitation with the color scheme and red wagon motif, and printed it here at home.

Social Print Studio helped me print this precious guest book of his Instagram pictures over the past year. They have the coolest products! 

Here’s the pic of Henry that started it all…he was only 8 months old here!

These straws are from Etsy, but Target has them too now! 

I found the mini red wagon
on Amazon.com

We had all of Henry’s Radio Flyer rides out…

…and plenty of chalk for the little artists to draw on the driveway! 

The menu consisted of slider burgers, James Farmer’s pasta salad and watermelon/tomato salad from his new cookbook Dinner on the Grounds, potato chips, and chocolate chip cookies with red velvet cupcakes for dessert.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of our party-goers:
Henry with his grandmothers! love love love! 
Henry with his first cousin Ben – seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Ben’s 1st birthday! And now he’s 8! 

My little lovey! 

Sweet little love Arabella

My darling baby boy! 
I love this expression….and his fweet little hands! Those dimples! 

He could chase bubbles all day! 

He was so gentle with baby Trap – who got the cutest outfit award! 😉 

I can’t even handle it.
Those soft curls.
Those sparkly eyes.
That tan skin!

He’s really taken with Emerson! She looked precious in her red dress! And she’s sweet as pie, too! 

Henry loves to dance and clap his hands! 

Hope you enjoyed Henry’s two parties – I feel like the luckiest mama to get to celebrate him in such a fun way! Makes my heart happy!