Henry's Hideout

Do any of you have an odd space under your stairs?

Chances are, if you have a staircase, then you have one of these awkward spots. 

It had been my Christmas closet since we moved into our house. 
But, Henry had become increasingly interested in those boxes and the shiny things in them. 
So, I re-organized my holiday decor and moved it into a guest room closet. 
That left me with pretty much a blank slate as to what to do with this space.

It seemed pretty logical to make it a place for him to play.

A little sheet-rock, a little carpet remnant, and ta-da! 
My Henry now has a perfectly usable spot to play, read, and hide. 🙂

While he’s still a bit small for the reading spots, I know he’ll grow into them. He already loves running to find a toy or book on the shelves, and is pretty fascinated with writing on his chalkboard wall. 

Thanks to Target and Ikea, I pulled together a gallery wall…it even features a sweet little needlepoint from my husband’s childhood.
I kinda died over that chalkboard globe too, a TJ Maxx find.  

I love the different kinds of ships on the pillows! 
Henry already loves spotting boats on the water…he points and says his version of the word. 

The light is an inexpensive drum shade and light kit from Ikea. 
I had my workroom make the pillows from large remnants I had found earlier in the year and was saving for just the right spot. 
My upholsterer made the comfy cushions from remnants too.

He’s had a ball in this tiny spot already, and I had a fantastic time pulling it all together for my little man. 
The sweet rocking chair and cuddly teddy bear were David’s too. 

I’d love to hear about how you used seemingly unusable spaces in your home!