Henry's 3rd Birthday: A Paw Patrol Party

For the past 3 years, we have celebrated our Henry’s birthday a bit early, over Mother’s Day weekend when we are at home visiting family. I love being able to see my hometown friends, and to get our children together. 
Henry’s first birthday party at my parents’ house is here: https://www.maggiegriffindesign.com/2014/06/henrys-1st-birthday-party-animals.html
And our Gainesville party is here: https://www.maggiegriffindesign.com/2014/06/henrys-radio-flyer-party.html 
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My Henry loves Paw Patrol, so a Rocky-Chase-Marshall-Zuma party seemed apropos! 
He loves our little friend Kennedy – she sweetly obliges when he squeezes her. 🙂 

Mrs. Jan McCord made Henry’s “red” cake. A shared favorite of both mommy and Henry! It think its just precious! She always does a beautiful job in helping us celebrate all of life’s occasions. 

My sweet friend Linsey Freeman did these adorable Paw Patrol cookies that are just as delicious as they are pretty! Henry thought the Marshall faces were so fun to eat! 

As usual, Henry ended up in the pool! And a few of the other kids did too. 😉 He has brought more light and joy to our lives that we ever knew he could. David and I look at him and listen to him every day and are so thankful for our blessing. He’s so smart, and kind, and head-strong, and we love him so much it hurts!