Gallery Walls: Examples and How-To

My clients often ask for art suggestions for their walls. While we all want our art to be both personal and beautiful, we may not always have the $$$ to spend. I tell them to buy what you love, not just something to fill a space. 
One of my favorite solutions for those large empty walls are artfully arranged gallery displays of photos and mementos. It’s an easy way to display those gorgeous photos we’ve got, both old and new. And once the frames are arranged, it’s fairly simple to swap out the photos from time to time as we take new ones. 
Here are a few of my favorite examples:
I love this collection of nudes. I feel as though they’ve been picked up along the way from antique shops and flea markets. 
This collection really looks sophisticated in all black frames against that fabulous striped wall. 
I love the combination of these pieces…classic, modern, abstract, and simple. So fun!
This took some time! But how great to have all of these images displayed!
This one is very chic and modern. I love how only one photo actually gets a frame. Must be a special print!
I absolutely love this landing on an upper level of this traditional home. But, I absolutely would not have wanted to hang all of those frames! It does look fabo though! 
I recently spent a morning at a client’s home doing some “fluffing.” Rearranging book shelves, hanging art, displaying accessories, and compiling a black and white photo gallery wall were all on the agenda. The client had a long blank wall that was perfect for this project. So, this gal got our her hammer and nails and went to town. 🙂
Here are a few shots of the process.
Almost finished…and voila! 
Black frames keep the look cohesive, and a touch of symmetry does too.