For the love of food and a pretty table

Today, Henry is 5 weeks old! The time has flown by, and I have loved every moment spent with him! While I have been busy with our newborn, I have really lagged in the blogging department. So, today will mark my slooooow return to the blogger world. I’m planning to update at least once a week over the summer – hopefully sharing my musings on Mondays. I’m also back working on a few interior design projects as well as events, and promise to keep you updated on those too. But today, here’s a blog recommendation for all you foodies! 
My college friend and sorority sister Marianne Brown, along with her sister, began this delightful food blog , and I had to share! Marianne is a super talented photographer, so her photos of food will leave you salivating! 
{click below to head over to the blog!}
As my friend James Farmer learned from his Mimi, “We eat with our eyes first.” And these two sisters certainly understand that presentation is key! Check out their lovely table settings post.
Here are a few of my favorite images of their delicious food:
Be sure and follow Marianne’s blog! The recipes featured are delicious, and her images are gorgeous!